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When holidaying with his parents in the mid-1980s, the young Eyal Avramovich was attracted to a toy boat in one of the local shops. He fell in love with the sleek design and technical innovations it offered, skimming weightlessly on the surface of the water. When his mother could not afford to buy it for him, the boy made a lifelong promise to himself: to work hard enough that he would always be able to afford anything he wanted.

And this drive for success still lies deep inside Eyal: to try to excel at everything he does.

Being a consummate inventor, Eyal is always thinking of ways to solve some of life’s most annoying problems! He holds several patents, with the most remarkable being the world’s thinnest scales, the world’s thinnest phone charger, and the world’s first massage robot. These were best sellers on online retailer Amazon and on the popular United States home shopping channel QVC, respectively.

 Eyal is also passionate about private transport and has been funding the development of the most luxurious micro-electric vehicle in the world. The tandem-style automobile has been featured in publications around the globe.

But perhaps Eyal’s biggest achievement is in the crypto space. He first discovered Bitcoin in 2016 and was blown over by the solutions it offered in terms of independence, flexibility, and technological opportunities. He discovered that Bitcoin – and its mining – merged all of his lifelong passions: technology, entrepreneurship, and finance.

That’s when he set up MineBest, a company that helps businesses get into the mining industry without the technical know-how involved. By democratizing the space, Eyal found that more people could enjoy the long-term benefits of crypto mining.

 MineBest runs multiple farms in South America and Central Asia and is continually exploring new locations. They provide state-of-the-art facilities and infrastructure that are maintained by experts around the clock.

 In addition to his work with MineBest, Eyal has co-created two cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin Vault (BTCV) and Electric Cash (ELCASH). Both coins have been praised for their cutting-edge security features.

Electric Cash is a Proof of Work SHA-256-based cryptocurrency. It provides fast and very cheap transactions and rewards all staking users while allowing them to Govern the future of the project through voting.

 Meanwhile, Bitcoin Vault is the world’s first cryptocurrency that allows users to cancel transactions after they are posted to the blockchain. This revolutionary approach is possible with a customized blockchain protocol that confirms payments within 144 blocks (or around 24 hours). This feature protects users from losing their funds in case of common key thefts, user mistakes or errors, and bugs.

 When not busy thinking about his next revolutionary invention, Eyal Avramovich likes to spend time with his family, enjoying the outdoors and traveling.